The Friday Five – NaNo Edition

My first day of NaNo came barreling through like a 100 mg viagra price skateboarder on greased wheels. Over 2K words (goal is 1667 words a day) – and I was feeling pretty good. Today, however, I got up late, didn’t have much time to write, and generic generic cialis pills delivered overnight only got 200+ words done (yes, I WILL reach my daily word count when I get home.) Considering the fact that life gets in the way – even in November – today’s Friday Five are all about getting those words done!

1. When you have the time, don’t stop at 1667 – keep writing!

2. It’s harder to catch up than it is to overdo – keep writing!

3. 284 words is better than no words – keep writing!

4. Don’t go back and buy viagra ups edit – always move forward. If you need to change something (a name, age, plot direction, etc.) make a note in all caps in your manuscript at the point you realize the needed change, and – keep writing!

5. Have fun while you’re doing NaNo! That’s the beauty of it – writing for fun – but you must – KEEP WRITING!

Watch this space for more suggestions, red devil tadalafil generic cialis hints, tips, and general sharing of what I’ve learned doing NaNo through the years… and mostly… keep writing! :)

About Julia Karr

My name is Julia Karr. I’m a writer of young adult and middle grade fiction. If you want to know more about me, click on the tabs above for my bio, books, blog and links I like.
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