Books: Pride & Prejudice, Harry Potter 1-7, Silver Phoenix, Sense & Sensibility

Writers: Jane Austen, JK Rowling, Sarah Prineas, Agatha Christie, PD James, Cindy Pon, Lisa Schroeder and too many more to list!

Quote: Thoughts become things, think the good ones. (Mike Dooley)

Food: Pasta, kale, tomatoes right from the garden, blackberries hot off the vine and sweet potatoes. (this list will change!)

Travel Destinations:England (got to see Jane Austen’s haunts), Sicily (ancestral home), China

Other favorites:vegetarian food, Chicago, riding my bike, elephants, cats, dogs, my macbook

Here’s where I write things about me…

I grew up in the small town of Seymour, Indiana. Although I’ve lived as far east (and south) as St. Augustine, Florida, and as far west as Longmont, Colorado, I now live about fifty miles from my hometown.

I’ve been writing nearly all of my life. When I was young, I lived with my grandmother and my older sister, but my mother lived in Chicago. I spent a lot of time writing her long, newsy letters about what was happening in my life. She would sometimes correct my spelling by return mail! (I learned to love being edited! lol!)

I also loved to write poetry and draw. I would design greeting cards and send them to my friends and relatives.

When I was sixteen, I moved to Chicago to live with my mother. I fell in love with Chicago, and have never fallen out of it! There is nothing quite like the thrumming heartbeat of a big city!

I have two lovely daughters, who are grown. They both live within five miles of me, and I like that a lot! When they were little, I used to make up stories for them. That was when I first starting thinking about writing for children. But, it wasn’t until they were out of the house that I began to take my writing seriously.

I love writing young adult novels. XVI is dystopian fiction, but I am also working on some fantasy and some contemporary themes. Too many ideas, too little time!

Thanks for stopping by my website. I will be updating it often, so check back soon — you never know what might show up here!

24 Responses to Bio

  1. Greetings Julia,
    I truly enjoyed reading “XVI.” I have just received “Truth” and I already love it as well. I am looking forward to more of your wonderful creations!

  2. Sabrina says:


    I just wanted to tell you that absolutely loved both XVI and Truth. They were both amazing and are in my favorite book list! I just finished Truth and I just want to read the next book (if you are making one). I really hope a lot of people get to read these books because they deserve recognition! I could completely see this series becoming the next Hunger Games and seeing it be made into a movie.

    • Julia Karr says:

      Thank you so much, Sabrina! I am working on a 3rd book, but not sure when it will be ready. I’m so glad you liked XVI & Truth! :)

  3. Felicity says:

    Hey, Mrs. Karr, I’m doing a book report on you, and I was wondering if you could possibly add a little more information concerning yourself. Also what inspired you to write XVI? Was it just thinking of what the world could be if it continues on its destructive path, or just from your own imagination. Do you like music? What social justice causes do you advocate for, if any and why? Also, do you think you owe some of your success to your mother who made you begin to love being edited or who else do you feel helped you get better at what you do?
    You don’t have to answer all of them, but I would appreciate if you answered some of them.

  4. Lindsey says:

    I just read XVI and Truth and I loved them SO much! I was wondering if you know when the third book will be out?

    • Julia Karr says:

      Hi Lindsey! So glad you liked XVI & Truth! I’m working on the 3rd book. I don’t have a publishing date yet. But, I will announce it here when I do! Thanks for asking! Cheers! Julia

  5. natasha says:

    i just wanted to say I just finished your book XVI and wow I’ve got to say it was by far my favorite book I’ve ever read! (and im always reading new books!) I agree with everything you wrote in that book, I am constantly doing research on what is going on in our world today with the gov, surveillance, and the chemicals put in our foods, or our everyday stuff like toothpaste. I haven’t found a book yet that pin pointed every point of view that I agree with! lol I just wanted to say it was an amazing book ,and I think if everyone had a chance to read it our world would be much different! I’m happy to know a writer who actually knows the truth about our society/world. Thanks for writing!
    P.S. you should make another book with nina!

    • Julia Karr says:

      Thanks so much for your comments! I do love when a reader really gets what I was writing about! There is a 2nd book about Nina called TRUTH. I’m also working on a third.

  6. Tony Roberts says:

    I just joined the B-town Writer’s Guild and now I’m checking out member blogs to see what kind of group would accept me as a member. Our taste in literature may differ, but I suspect our taste in tomatoes is quite compatible.

    Keep writing. The Young Adult in each of us needs nourishing books to read.

  7. Kyrin says:

    I was wondering what Wei’s tattoo would look like because i have been wanting a wrist tattoo and I think that would be really awesome

    • Julia Karr says:

      If I were an artist, I would draw it. Maybe I can get a tattoo artist to sketch one out & I’ll post it! :)

  8. Sharon Karr says:

    I just finished XVI and I have to say it was amazing! I love how Nina is like the average teen even though the book is set in the future. So many teens are being pressured into sex its ridiculous. The whole story is wonderful. The ending is by far my favorite part and I can’t wait to read more! ^^

  9. Katherine says:

    Hi Julia! First off, I would like to say, I appreciate you replying to all the comments! That’s so kind of you to take your time to respond! I read XVI, WONDERFUL! It keeps me on top of my toes throughout the book. At one point I had to stop because I was so scared! And I recently finished The Truth, took me only 3 hours to finish the book. (and I had to make up that time by staying up 3 more hours doing my homework, haha) Keep up the great work! I can’t wait till the 3rd book’s out…by the way, when will it most likely come out?! Hopefully soon!??!

    • Julia Karr says:

      Katherine – so glad you liked XVI & Truth! I’m working on another project, but book 3 is in process, too. I don’t know when it will come out though. I’ll keep people posted here on my website. :) Have you seen Nina’s Diary? You can keep up with her there. The link is on my homepage.

  10. Julia Karr says:

    Hi Nadine! So glad you like XVI! And – you need to let your librarian know you want them to order Truth – I bet they will! :) We don’t share the same birthday – sorry! :) And, my blog is the home page tab – so just click there to read what’s going on! Thanks for dropping by & letting me know you like Nina & her story. And – yeah – Harry Potter forever! Julia

    • Nadine says:

      I will let my library know! If that doesn’t work then i will order it online!! Oh- not going to lie, i was really excited we shared the same birthday lol :p And who doesn’t love Harry Potter :) ?! Anyways, i’ll let you know what the librarian says! (fingers crossed). I don’t know if you remember but i posted awhile go (a couple months ago) and i think i begged for more clues about the book and that i desperately needed to read it- ahem just ignore that alter ego of mine lol :) . Thanks again Julia!! ~Nadine

  11. Nadine says:

    Hi Julia! I’ve been waiting forever to read The Truth and thought my local library would have ordered it by now- guess not :( !! Also, i was just wondering if you will be stopping by Canada :p anytime soon lol. I LOVED XVI!!!!! I was ecstatic when i heard another book was coming!! Anyways, this is a weird question lol but is your birthday on October 1 and if it is that would SO COOL cause mine is as well! If it isn’t then….. that would just be awkward lol. Anyways, I absolutely enjoy reading your writing style and am dying to read The Truth! AND I LOVE HOW YOU LIKE HARRY POTTER AS WELL!! Also, i was just wondering what happened to your blog tab on this website.



  12. Kenia Alvarado says:

    thank you very much and i can’t wait to read the next book as well.

  13. Kenia Alvarado says:

    Dear Julia Karr,
    I have just finished reading XVI and it drove me to the edge. i enjoyed it and i loved how it mixed with the reality we live in now with your story. And seeing on how girl’s think turning 16 is important an day to us and its true but as well it can be dangerous turning 16 as well. i learned many lessons from this book and i can’t wait to read truth next. in books that i have read i always looked into the perspective of the character’s and tried to understand how they felt. and your book showed a deeper meaning to dystopian but as well the reality we live. also will there be another book?

    • Julia Karr says:

      I’m so glad you liked XVI, and that you found it to have things to think about! I hope you like Truth as much. And, I am working on a 3rd book!

  14. Brittany Peckat says:


    I just finished reading Truth (I would have read it sooner as I loved XVI but I hadn’t realized it was out yet!) I thought it was fantastic. I have been reading a lot of dystopian books lately and I really enjoy yours. I cannot wait for the next in the series to come out. Are you intending for this to be a trilogy or will there be more to come?

    • Julia Karr says:

      I’m so glad you liked both of them! I have more planned – at least one more & some surprises before it is done. Keep an eye out here on my website!

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